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I get results. If this works, you should be back to square 1, complete with a virus infection that will need cleaning. Keeping all that in mind: if your OS is telling you about bad sectors on a hard disc, that could mean one of three things: 1. Again, YMMV.posted by craven_morhead at 9:03 AM on February 2, 2010 When you boot from the CD, select the option called "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer" to run

It's the other CD that doesn't recognize the keyboard. Also, it seems that if the ubuntu disc is in, it sometimes but not always finishes bootin into windows. Are you absolutely sure that you can't boot in safe mode, though? This says it can't find the filesystem (presumably because I don't have Linux installed) and leaves me at a shell where I can't enter anything because it doesn't seem to recognize

At this point, your safest and least time-consuming way to get your machine back on its feet is going to be this: 1. Also, I haveu windows XP cd, but not the registration numbers so formatting could be a problem.posted by If only I had a penguin... Tried ubuntu again and this time it booted. There's no other resolution suggested.

I use it regularly for cleaning infected Winboxen. I search. Microtell hijack this gave me 92 results and I said fix all, though you're not supposed to do that. The computer doesn't seem to like to boot off of any CD (linux, windows, etc.

Trying s cold reboot now. Last night I finally managed to format the hard drive (believe me, not simple to get there) a was and possibly re-install windows*. You can run Clam Antivirus in Ubuntu. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/redirected-google-link-triplexfeedcom Wait a minute.

I apologize for that. Related Questions How do I protect my PC while surfing the net? Bad idea to back-up from there? btw this will put you in DOS mode, and should give you access to every available drive.

Windows versions from NT onward no longer have DOS under the hood; it's more like in the glove compartment. https://www.agtrader.com.au/item/agricultural-machinery/feed-mixer-shredder/nsw-parkes-2870/triplex-feed-mixer-74064 at 5:59 AM on March 4, 2010 Oh, I can't bear it. An OS-level surface scan will generally completely delete files that contain bad sectors; files left alone by such a scan will generally be completely fine unless the disc grows more errors When an OS looks at a disk, it just sees a vast and featureless array of nameless disk sectors; it tells them apart by their logical block addresses (LBA) which are

Way back when there was DOS there was a way to boot so that you had to ok each boot command. Newer » This thread is closed to new comments. You've formatted your drive, so everything on it is gone. at 10:22 AM on February 2, 2010 Yeah, I think you want to get your data off of there first.

I can't find a step-by-step site, but they're out there. However it says there are "many bad sectors" on my main HD. Home Research Toggle navigation DOMAINTOOLS Profile Whois Bulk Parsed Whois IP Whois Lookup Whois History Domain Search Domain Report Screenshots Internet Statistics TLDpedia Labs Connect Iris Reverse Whois Reverse IP Will there be a way to get documents, pictures and music off the hard drive if it doesn't boot and I replace the computer?posted by If only I had a penguin...

How to use the Recovery Console in Windows XP How to access the System Recovery Options in Windows Vista How to access the system recovery options in Windows 7 Restoring DNS If it fails, burn a different CD (preferably a different brand) and try again. I'm going to start with flagdablet's solution and hope thR works.

This feature, still present in every present-day OS, is pretty much a legacy from a time before drives could do their own internal bad-sector management.

computer does not boot. Also, maybe you can get somewhere by resetting your hosts file, it shouldn't have anything in it except the localhost reference: http://www.spywarevoid.com/how-to-block-malicious-websites-using-hosts-fileposted by defcom1 at 6:33 PM on February 1, 2010 Now the last few minutes I can't search at all instead I get popups claiming I have a virus and offering to fix it. Full access to all modern websites (including AgTrader) Simply use this link http://outdatedbrowser.com/en to quickly upgrade and then reload this page.

First Name * Last Name * Email * Phone * Offer Price * Please consider market value when making an offer. Need help instantly? Classic Theme. Is there a virus scanner I can run from ubuntu so I can try to clean the computer before returning to/ repairing windows?

In theory, there's no difference between practice and theory. There's Clam AV, but that will only detect viruses, not remove them. Use the Ubuntu desktop environment, which looks and works enough like Windows that you won't get too lost, to open the sick computer's hard disk drive, find all the files and When I close those windows I get a web page designed to look like explorer At this point I can't seem to use the web at all.

But once in windows I still have the virus and it doesn't find my bexternal hard drive so I can't back up. This kind of error will generally be reported slowly, often cryptically, and might cause an error box to pop up unexpectedly while you're doing something else. I'm posting from my iPhone. I have a virus and I don't know how to fix it when I can't even surf the web!