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Tried Everything. Would Appreciate Some Advice Please.

Thank you for your helpful reply. I hope you have a wonderful day! but I can say I will take your advice on being happy, successful,completing my education, and telling my mom that I miss her. What you said just gave me a lot of confidence and I needed to hear that.

Thank you again. Thank you for the uplifting affirmation, encouragement, and truthful advice. I'd say god bless your soul but I'm Buddhist so, I hope you have a blissful life ahead for you. I know you probably give out advice to tons of people, but it really did help.

A. I honestly didn't know how well this website was, but just wanted to give it a shot. I've tried cold turkey 3 times and it was absolutely horrendous I was taking fits, sweating, being sick, shaking every few minutes, suicidal thoughts, angry, sad and overall I'll like I And its a little awkward but my mom is helping me to see my girlfriend.

I will recommend this portal to others who need help and will come back here again in case I need any advice in future. It could be something as simple as grapefruit or St. I just wanted to say thank you. All things considered; I personally think that she'd be far more stable & content on a low dose of a neuroleptic - & it sounds like she lives a tortured existence

They still don't get it, but since reading your letter, I am confident that they'll understand soon especially when I become successul in my chosen career. As a CG, I can tell you that you are doing everything a gambler needs to have done, to delay or even prevent further gambling. I am going to take some time to try and solve this, and I'll put my dreams and wants on the forefront. I really appreciate your prompt reply and hope you know how much it means to me!

Thank you very much! Yours sincerely, Geetha. Click here to register.Everyone is welcome! As for the entertaining business I really want to be a singer, actor, director, and a lot of other things so it's hard to say specifically what I want.

Thank you Linda, you said everything I feel! Its so nice talking to someone who is not biased! When I get older, I seriously want to become an Elder so that I can help people just as much as you guys have helped me. Sorry my son is crying for a feed thank u so much again I will reply properly this evening x Hi R Permalink Submitted by velvet on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 12:17

You shouldn't even be able to reel all those numbers and dates in your last paragraph. Thank you for your candid and amazing insight! You're absolutely right. Thank you so much for your time and advice.

Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you so much for what you did for me all those years ago EWC, I honestly was at the edge and I don't think I would be here today if You're truly amazing and thank you for making me take notice to the work that I've been doing. Thank you so much for the wise advice, it definitely warms up my heart to hear it and it inspires me to recover :) I had my husband read your advice

T. I will write again and let you know how it goes. Thank you thank you!

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Thank you once again for such an insightful and helpful response. Again, thank you for taking your time to reply to me. It can be done. Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much, I was in desperate need for advice and you gave me some really good advice. Search Patient Search Connect with us Twitter Pinterest Youtube Google+ Facebook Like us on Facebook! And, thank you for your wisdom! Thanks for the wisdom.

That is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much again. Thank you. And merry Christmas to you too - Cheryl Thank you so much!

A. I'm afraid he'll want me to take more meds. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts. He's been to ga but says it's not for him.

Why? Your advice on how to deal with people who are angry was very informative.