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Get this at Ewido.com I also have Windows Defender, which has a firewall too. Could adding this software cause thi This is what I have: Dell 4600/512memory/80gig hardrive. Select the detected file, then press either the End Task or the End Process button, depending on the version of Windows on your system. 4. For instructions on deleting locked files, see Deleting Locked Files. http://mseedsoft.com/trojan-horse/trojan-horse-downloader.html

If we have ever helped you in the past, please consider helping us. Thank you in advance for taking a look at them, and helping me out. Volumeseriennummer: 4CEF-0FE2 Verzeichnis von C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten25.11.2005 17:25

Adobe15.01.2007 01:44 Ahead09.12.2005 01:09 Apple Computer05.11.2006 22:06 BVRP Software27.01.2007 17:47 40.960 DCBC2A71-70D8-4DAN-EHR8-E0D61DEA3FDF.ini25.12.2005 22:12 FotoCanvas12.02.2007 19:02 20.840 GDIPFONTCACHEV1.DAT26.10.2006 Several functions may not work.

team has been at the level of customer support that I expect or greater. However, just like when you learned about how to do things in Winblows, the first time, you must learn again! There is no need to un-install any of your current protections before using this. How do I access the anti-spy program from the new yahoo toolbar?cafe racer Click the Norton Spyware Scan icon on Yahoo!

Please scan these files with HJT and Virustotal and/or Jotti C:\DOCUME~1\thomas\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLB19.tmp C:\DOCUME~1\thomas\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLH12.tmp C:\DOCUME~1\thomas\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLC11.tmp C:\DOCUME~1\thomas\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLF1D.tmp You may want to make us know all about the results of the scans by copy&paste (look Register now! Really appreciate it Chaslang. Will my fix of this problem remove them if they are a problem?

I have tried..Norton anti Virus, results nothing. Thank you so much for all your invaluable help. I know Filetopia claims to be free from spyware and adware and I know eMule claim to be free from threats. http://www.exterminate-it.com/malpedia/file/_iu14d2n.tmp So please download killbox from here: http://www.bleepingc...les/killbox.php Now go ahead and set your computer to show hidden files like so: click on My Computer.

It is. Folgendes: Anfang der - Trojan horse PSW.Generic4.SID... My computer is in a perpetual state of reboot?ariel boot from windows disk and do a repair install or Re-install My computer is in a perpetual state of reboot?computers I would Here's how it works.

How long would it take to diagnose and fix this problem and what kind of parts (or $) might I need? This Site Avid macbook users, please help!?!?aurora You don't need any of that rubbish on a Mac. Why are videos playing in slow motion?house call Make sure you have the latest version of your player. http://www.computeractive.co.uk/ On the home page select downloads and then the appropriate category.I also use Windows Defender from the Microsoft site.

HTML-Code ist aus. have a peek at these guys Posted by Homer at 6:14 PM 0 comments Email This BlogThis! if thats the case that would explain the conflict with the toolbar one. Liebe Grüße Sylwi 17.06.2007, 13:21 #2 Sunny Administrator > Competence Manager Trojan horse PSW.Generic4.SID Hallo und im Trojaner Board!

I just want to know what these 2 things are?? Also visit the following link, it will cover all the top programs, and has alot of info. Volumeseriennummer: 4CEF-0FE2 Verzeichnis von C:\DOKUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOKALE~1\Temp25.02.2007 23:02 48 WcesView.log25.02.2007 23:00 559 WCESCOMM.LOG25.02.2007 23:00 862.098 WCESLog.log25.02.2007 22:48 16.384 ~DF2F73.tmp22.02.2007 04:20 117 CE67013C.TMP 5 Datei(en) 879.206 Bytes 0 Verzeichnis(se), 6.675.165.184 Bytes freisystem32post wird zu http://mseedsoft.com/trojan-horse/trojan-horse-downloader-14-m.html is das denn kein sauberes antispy tool?laut dem log sollte nun alles weg sein oder? ---------------------------------------------------------AVG Anti-Spyware - Scan-Bericht--------------------------------------------------------- + Erstellt um: 15:55:10 26.02.2007 + Scan-Ergebnis: HKU\S-1-5-21-117609710-57989841-725345543-500\Software\TrustIn -> Adware.Generic : Gesäubert.HKU\S-1-5-21-117609710-57989841-725345543-500\Software\TrustIn\Weekly

When I use full scan it never finds the ''Fake alert''. On the General tab Stop and set the service to disabled I think this will get it please give me one more HJT log. Everytime you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various

But it contained spyware!

Free/cheap spyware/registry cleaner/mechanic Prefer Free Win XP Best?viruses http://www.spybot.info/ http://www.avast.com/eng/down_cleaner.ht... Click Yes. Anybody hear of drivecleaner2006; is it any good or a scam? BLEEPINGCOMPUTER NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Aber überwiegend englisch und wohl sehr schwer weg zu bekommen. Posted by Homer at 6:13 PM 0 comments Email This BlogThis! Er hat auf meinem Rechner den Trojan Horse PSW.Generic4.SID gefunden. this content If you are downloading any file other than a picture, make sure it is greater than 1000kb because if it is lower than that it is probably a virus.

Exterminate It! HOWEVER...